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A successful real estate press release must be able to reflect a particular real estate company's or real estate agent's approach to real estate as well as reflect whether the company or agent is flashy, is concerned primarily with business or is downright friendly.

A press release does not in any way work like magic. It is actually a serious campaign which is created in order to bring a desired and specific outcome. In the real estate world, that is leads, and more importantly sales. Actual purchase of a house and property is the best method to gauge how successful or not successful a particular or a series of press releases is.

Real estate companies put out a press release in varying forms and in varying occasions. Press releases should paint a good image of the company. Such is the case of the company Cendant wherein their October 2005 press release touted that the system they are using was able to gather valid leads of up to two hundred thousand which they were able to amply distribute to their real estate agents.

They also explained the process of how they came up with such numbers and how competitive is the system they are using, thus making them able to keep up with the market.

Taking advantage of the magic of press release takes a lot of science. It is important to consider that when one is utilizing a Press Release Program, there really is no guarantee of anything miraculous happening. What a press release does is inform the public of what you as a real estate company or a real estate agent is doing and the various ways, means and forms that you are able to achieve your company's objectives.

Usually, press releases are means to get a message across as to any internal updates that a real estate company is undergoing or a real estate program, software, or offer that could benefit both the company or individual generating the press release as well as the reader or audience who will be reading it.

For example, a recent press release by a particular real estate company in Michigan has presented the new, advanced and highly efficient lockbox system currently being used by their real estate associates. The benefits their associates got from using the system was thoroughly explained as well as the benefits that their clients would have when they avail of their service. This was clearly outlined. What was clearly described as well was how efficient their system was in ensuring that only quality service is delivered.

A press release therefore should generate valid and relevant leads. Though the fact of the matter is that, simply getting your name and business out there does not automatically convert to business, it is therefore important that a press release offer both prospective buyers and sellers something free. An offer that your potential clients will probably not get anywhere else. Putting this out will more likely increase your chance of being contacted, than offering something that people could get someplace else just as easily.

The best and greatest thing to offer and the chances of which this offer will be accepted are usually any written materials such as brochures, pamphlets, etc. Utilizing such materials is also an efficient way of putting your company and your skills out there. Use this avenue wisely, but do not abuse it either.

This should be detailed in the press release, but it is essential that you also take stock on the freebies you give out and the record of success which freebie generated more and which generated less response.

It is also important that the reason of why you are putting up free items or offers be thoroughly explained or at least be understandable to your prospective clients. Honesty and integrity is the best impression you could leave anyone. It beats any and all forms of press release. Make it clear and be sincere as well that the freebies you are handing out are not intended to immediately close a deal. It is so that you could acquire as much valid and relevant leads as you can which will be able to contact you at the soonest possible time


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