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Earn Money - A Short Story

The following story is all about websites and earning money online so I suggest that you really READ this story properly.

It's about a 14 year old lady that earn well over $1000 per month by building her website (about her favorite vacation spot) with just 2 hours a week according the concept of CTPM (Content - Traffic - Presell - Monetize)

Angiulla Islands

When this lady started her website there was already many other well-established websites about this particular islands but there is always room for more.

This teenage girl is now a mini-celebrity at this Angiulla Islands where restaurant owners refuse payment, her favorite clothing stores gives her clothes and she was even interviewed by the local TV Talk show.

She is just an average girl like millions of other teens and it's just her understanding of the internet and the concept of CTPM that makes her so special and let her earn good money at such young age.


Just like she would telling her friends about her experiences during her vacation on the islands, she fill her website with written CONTENT about the islands simply because she loves and enjoy her vacation at this islands very much.

With this she created UNIQUE content for her website where the various vacation experiences from a 14 year old girl is enjoyable and interesting to read that at the same time created a desire, a "I wish I was there" feeling.


While the unique content on the website alone already assured a huge amount of traffic from search engines there are several ways how the very same content can be used to increase traffic even more and more.

The different articles can be submitted to travel and other magazines together with a link to her website at the bottom of each article and people can for example signup to receive newsletters about happenings on the islands and her latest vacation.

Fact of the matter is that the more interesting and unique concept on the website the more traffic can be generated, and the more traffic, the more the income from such website.


Most of the so-called marketing experts make one big mistake. They tried to use their traditional "old-school" training and experience on the internet.

On the internet you have nothing, absolute nothing than your WORDS to let people know and trust you enough to do business with you or to follow your recommendations.

Presell is to write in such way that you build credibility and trust. It's about writing how you feel and be honest while providing useful and valuable information at the same time.


You simply cannot earn money online without about because you need content to get traffic and without visitors not even the best income program on earth will work.

Once you followed above steps to build your website with content and establish trust and credibility with your level of knowledge about a particular subject you can monetize that by incorporating income programs into your website and content.

In the case of this girl she earns her money from referral links to businesses on the islands such as accommodation, boat trips, car rental etc.

You can visit her website and see for yourself.

In reality she DON'T earn her $1000 per month from this or that income program, but from the content on her website and nothing more or less.


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