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How To Find Your Downed Game Small Game Hunting

This could have happened to you. You are out small game hunting and have actually managed to shoot a few birds that were flying across a patch of a three hundred acre field of sunflowers.

Then the problem cropped up; not during your shoot but after it. Where in blazes did all the birds go? You know you shot them, but where are they?

A downed game is a game waiting to be discovered

The primary problem is the thick growth of grass and weeds that is surrounding you, and the other problem is finding these birds after they hit the ground. A professional bird hunter will not intentionally leave a shot and/or dead bird on the ground. It is being unsportsmanlike and it really does not speak well of a good hunter. What is the purpose of hunting if one cannot retrieve the animal hunted for?

The following are basic tips to make it easy to discover a downed bird.

Stand and be still

After a bird has been downed, stand for a second or two and note the spot where the downed game fell to the ground. Make a mental note of any trees that are nearby as well as any bushes, grass clumps or basically any identifying land mark that would make it easier for you to determine where the bird really is.

Focus and walk

Once you have mentally marked the spot, walk towards it. Focus on the spot which is your destination. As much as it is possible, try to avoid looking up or making any additional shots. In thick grassy areas, this is the best thing one could do as rattlesnakes could enjoy your booty before you do. It is then best for you to relocate to a particular spot nearby as this could improve your chances of finding more downed birds.

If it is possible, clear the fields

There are those who are so extremely particular about the area they are going to hunt in that they actually mow lanes in the field as well as its edges. This is to create better opportunities for hunters to shoot, walk and hunt more conveniently as well as find those downed birds more easily.

Go to areas where birds are plentiful

In the north part of Texas, bird hunting has become so much fun because of the proliferation of a number of birds that were taken by two hunters. These two had in their possession more than one hundred birds, though the legal limit for a twenty four hour period is actually only fifteen.

All in all, downed game hunting is a fun and enjoyable thing to do as long as you know where to look at and how to find them.


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