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Bullying Of Clients At Print & Signs Exposed

Far too many people are quick to condemn poor service delivery, corruption, bullying and more in public while their own behaviour and ethics went south and they are guilty of precise the same.

On 16 October an elderly client went to Print & Signs in Randfontein to print a single black and white Word document page but was amazed to get three pages back mostly full of strange characters and had to pay R9 for that.

When enquiring about that the staff said that is how the document is on the memory stick so there was nothing the client could do and he walked out where he nevertheless took a picture of the company's store front just in case. (A small black-owned shop printed the document later without a problem for R2)

The owner, at that stage unknown to the client, approached the client but instead than engaging in a shouting match the client just said the business provide bad service and climbed in his car.

At that stage the owner become upset and grab the door to prevent the client from closing it and only after several requests to let go of the door slammed the door close.

The client then post same as above on the Facebook group "I lived in Randfontein and survived" where some other people also confirm bad service from Print & Signs in the past. One Grant Bell claimed to be the owner of Print & Signs and reject the client version, instead saying that the client was upset and he have video footage to proof it, after which the client dared him to post that video footage so that everybody can see what is the truth.

Shortly after that the post was deleted from the group and after come checking, it appears that the same Grant Bell is admin of the group and instead than to man up, find it easier to intimidate elderly people, lie in public about it, prefer not to post his "proof" and then delete any and all complaints about him or his business from the group.

Customer service can be as easy as offer an apology and not to follow a client to his car, try to intimidate him, slam his car door shut, lied about it in public and say you have proof the client is at fault, refuse to accept the challenge to provide such proof and then delete such complaint to cover up the bullying.

Since Grant Bell's ego seems to big to apologise for his bullying behaviour this article will stay here to warn the public and specific elderly people to be careful when they complain about bad service at Print & Signs.


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