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Promoting Your Podcast: Using Directories

So you've made your first podcast, reviewed its content and found that it truly is the bomb. After sweating it out for a few days or even weeks, you have come up with a podcast that is sure to garner interest or popularity. Then, the next step for you is to post it on the Internet, and wait.

And so you wait, after a month, two months, three months and so on, you find that no one has been visiting your site of all. This is the problem most people encounter when they start a podcasting show on the Internet. No matter how good your podcast is, if people can't find it, and people don't know about it, it's still as good as not having a podcast at all.

Here are some tips to help you find an audience for your podcasts using online podcast directories and other known broadcasting techniques.

1. First of all you will want to study your podcasts content. Before choosing a podcast directory to list your podcast on, you will want to take note of your podcast content. If you know the genre, the potential audience of your podcast, and other valuable information about your content, you are in a better position to find a directory that can give your podcast the best mileage for your type of audience.

You don't want to have a podcast aimed at mothers and post it on a directory that has a large teen audience. That just wouldn't make sense. Remember that podcast directories all cater to different types of people. The secret to marketing success is to focus all your energies upon getting your product into the hands of people who want your product.

2. Choose the right directory. After studying your podcast's content, look up the list of podcast directories on the Internet and find ones that has a large audience of the market segment you are looking for. Make sure you get your podcast listed on most directories that cater to your type of audience.

Some of the more popular directories may require a certain fee for listing, or for premium advertising space, if this is within your means, and you are truly looking for much online mileage, then you may consider using this technique. However, even if you don't do this, it doesn't mean you can't find good online mileage.

3. Post on multiple directories. Make sure that you post on more than one directory. After focusing on directories that cater to your audience, you can also post on other more popular directories that have a varied audience.


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